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Services & Maintenance European Cars Require

By on Dec 30, 2014 in Car & Bikes | 0 comments

The European cars have been considered to be most aesthetically designed and crafted for speed which requires enormous efforts to build the structure and engine with high power and appeal. These are among the best designs available in the world and are meant for durability and efficiency. However, due to budgeting and scheduled days of European people, it becomes a little difficult to take care of the cars for their maximum efficiency. However, there are some basic ideas which if followed can help in increasing mileage and servicing maintenance of these beautiful cars. The most promising part is that these can be done anytime without much aid.

The most important technique to keep the European cars in best working condition is to drive them carefully like frequent use of air conditioners in car. This helps in proper flow of oxygen and more efficiency in the car. One can lower down the windows by an inch when driving on highways as these don’t let pollutants come inside and makes the cars easier to maintain.

Replacing spark plugs every year is the golden rule for these cars as this helps the engine to rebuild its strength and become fresh and powerful. Small spark plugs, when changed regularly, will give extreme power and reduce the starting troubles in car.

The best way to keep the speed is to have tire inflation according to the standards set by the manufacturing company. The tires need to be checked every 15 days when the car is running on daily basis while these should be checked once in a month if the driving is not too frequent.

Avoid heavy load in the cars as these affect not only the engine capacity but also makes the brakes & shockers inefficient. The heavy load / luggage if required should be carried in commercial vehicle which otherwise may cause extreme damage to the car’s performance.

It is important to make the checks on battery, brake oil, lubricant and engine oil at least once in a week. These can also be understood from the mechanic once and then tested by your own. If any of these is running in low condition, the car is guaranteed to get damaged or meet an accident.

Always keep the spare tire of your car maintained with air and free of puncture. Never move out without the spare tire which can be used any moment unknown to us.

At times, we may not be able to service our cars and therefore it is necessary to get it serviced outside every 3-4 months which will overhaul the engine and other parts. They not only clean using technically advanced machines but thoroughly check all the other aspects which can cause damage in the future period.