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Scrapping versus Selling: What to do with old cars

By on Aug 31, 2015 in scrap car | 0 comments

If you happen to have an old car that you need to get rid of, then there are many options for you. However, it is pretty vital that you must exercise all options before you come to a conclusion. Selling a car is not that difficult, however getting the right price for it sometimes can be a tedious job.

This is why you should know all the tricks in the book so that you can come out on top of this game of selling cars. So, for you benefit today, we will try to decipher between two of the most common notion that old car owners go for. We are of course talking about selling the car and scrapping it.

First we will talk about why selling your car is beneficial for you:

Whenever you want a buy a new car, it is almost certain that you have to get rid of your old one. Some experts believe that it is better to sell your car rather than scrapping it. Scrapping involves various follows up and other things; however selling your car is quite simple and the easier thing to do. 2015-08-31 13-53-53


You can always sell your car to various car dealers or find a person who is looking to buy your car. It is always profitable to sell your car to a person rather than a reselling it to a company as you might fetch your desired price thanks to it. Selling your car can also get you some discounts on your new car as exchange bonus. Against scrapping, selling your car is a much convenient option. Of course, if you have a dead car, then selling it will be difficult for you. 2015-08-31 13-55-00

Scrapping can also be an option for you, especially if your car is not in a great working condition:

If you believe that you do not have a good car to sell, then it is always preferable to go for scrapping it. Many companies are available which can offer you the scrapping option. You just have to feed in your car details, VIN and plate number, and you’ll get appropriate a quote for your car as per your car’s dimensions and size.

Scrapping has become quite a popular option for many people these days, as most scrapping companies give door to door service to all their customers. And, as soon as your car is destroyed by them, you will receive a certificate that your car has been dismantled. But, remember, selling your car to a scrap can be tricky, as many of them are illegal. Hence, be very sure about exercising this option. 2015-08-31 13-56-11



You can always donate and charity your car too:

As a third option, if you really be the generous and kind-hearted type, then you can easily charity your car. There are many organization and people who accept cars and give them to needy families. You can find them on the internet as per your local residence.

Also, if you have tax and insurance left on your car, then you can decide to keep the car with you, for the time being at least.