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Purchasing a First-Hand Car Vs. a Second-Hand One

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The period of Enlightenment i.e. mid-seventeenth to an eighteenth century has been influencing our culture since we search for definite, correct and clear answers by performing researches. But quite, unfortunately, the age-old debate between purchasing a first-hand car and a used/second-hand one has clearly no satisfactory answer. We try enlightening you with a few seriously rational thoughts surrounding this particular debate. To find out the answer, do think carefully and sincerely about the following points.

How vital is the expense?

Complete financial comfort is one goal that may take a little longer time to capture than expected. Many people spend days thinking how a few more pennies can be saved whereas some are hardly worried about daily as well as lavish expenses. The whole debate of buying old or new car must be based on one’s financial stability. Though new cars bring multiple benefits, a used one always brings more impressive financial value. You can save up to 30% to 40% over equivalent models of new cars. Considering financial standpoint purchasing used cars is a better option though the purchaser has to spend a little more. 2015-06-23 13-21-29



Tolerance Level about Repairing and Maintenance

Each of us possesses different tolerance level to face unexpected issues related to cars. Many people prefer purchasing new cars since they give least amount of frustrations when it comes to its repairing, mechanical failures and maintenances. New cars arrive with almost no wear and tear issues and this is why they are least prone to breakdowns and deterioration also. Moreover, thedealership certifications and extended warranties save you from extra costs of maintaining a second-hand car.

Values You Put to the Greatest and Latest

While purchasing anold car may seem economical, it normally signifies driving or riding an older car model. When it is about new cars, there truly are a few special things about driving the greatestand latest in automotive design and technology. Based on each human being’s preferences, many a person feelsthat it is absolutely justified to spend a little extra amount of money for enjoying the class as well as luxury that are related to driving a new car. But in the other hand, used cars can provide you with inferiority or hesitation that may disturb you after buying an old one. 2015-06-23 13-23-13



Your Car, Your Priority!

Hence, there is no certain answer to the particular debate of whether a new car should be purchased or a used one. It entirely depends on a person’s choice, priorities, researches, logical questionings, and most essentially the issue associated to social status. Used cars often pull down your social status and make you feel inferior to go out to lavish parties and other social gatherings driving your car. But if you do not at all want to spend or even cannot afford to spend a little extra then it is always recommended to purchase a used car to meet your needs.

And, one thing we can assure you that with this process of taking such an important decision you will surely be an automotive scholar.