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Moving house? Why a skip bin will make the move easier

By on Aug 28, 2014 in Construction & Maintenance | 0 comments

Moving into a new home is arguably one of the most stressful thing a person can do, you could be trying to move into a bigger home, or closer to work or you just need a change of environment, Whatever the reason, moving is difficult. the hassles of moving into a new house is usually overwhelming, whether you are moving into a house a few blocks away, or to a different city across country.

But there are ways to make moving easier. Such as:

Organisation and planning: whether you are hiring professionals, or moving by yourself you need to start well in advance. You could start by making a list of the things you want to do and sticking to it. You could start with the small and fragile things like glass, bubble wrapping or cloth wrapping (if you find bubble wraps expensive) them, and placing them in boxes, before moving the larger furniture. When dealing with the larger furniture, it is better to dismantle where possible, disassembled furniture is easier to carry than the whole thing.

Sorting and de cluttering: many of your belongings may be not be useful to you, such things like paper work, used notebooks, electronics, and clothes you don’t wear anymore. If you don’t make use of them, then they should be disposed or sold if they are still new. And the useful ones should be placed in boxes.

While moving it is very important to continue to take out the trash, keep things clean, and organised, so that you do not overwhelm your house with so much junk, and make packing difficult for yourself. This is where a skip bin comes in. skip bins are large trapezoid looking open waste containers, and there are used to trash refuse over time, usually a couple of days, the bin is then loaded into a special truck and taken to a refuse station. And because of its size, it is preferred to the wheelie bin.

Emptying the garage/attic. Garage are usually where the most junks are found while moving house, years and years of pilling unused stuff that you don’t want in the living room, or any of the rooms for that matter you send to the garage and the attic. Getting a skip bin will help you trash out those junks, since you would not want them in your new location.

Skip bins are very expensive, so you don’t need to buy one since you would only be using it for a few days, you would have to put the size of the skip bin into consideration, the size of your junk, should determine the size to hire in other to save the  cost. There are many hiring companies, and if you reside in Australia, there is sure to be a skip bin hire in Sandringham or a bin hire in Melbourne.

Whether you decide to hire professionals, or you have a few friends who would help you move to your new home, a skip bin sure helps to make cleaning out the trash easier.