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Checklist for efficient working of Your Brand New Car

By on Jan 21, 2015 in Car & Bikes | 0 comments

Whenever we buy a new car, we always look for efficiency than the trouble and it becomes our habit to neglect the areas which might cause real damage in the long term. A new vehicle always performs smooth and runs like streamlined flowing river to make its driver happy and joyous. But the owners miss to take proper care of the car considering the small problems to be normal and workable. It is important to understand the ideas which can help in efficient working of a brand new car so that it runs faster, smoother and longer than one expects.

Here are the following useful tips that can help you maintain your brand new car in the best condition all the time.

1.      Fuel in morning – It’s always better to fill the fuel in car in the morning preferably in the early hours as the fuel is denser and occupies less space than when it is thin during the day time. Similarly, the fuel is thinner at night due to low temperature and you get complete value for money in these two times. Moreover, the thinner fuel provides easier burning and therefore more power from the same quantity.

2.      Keep it clean – Be it washing or gentle rubbing but cleaning the car on regular basis keeps it in efficient condition. The exterior as well as interior part, both are equally important for efficient management of new car. The smooth flow of oils in pipes can help achieve the maximum efficiency and therefore the longer functioning time.

3.      Replacing of spark plugs – Whenever the car is giving trouble in starting or finding it difficult to run smoothly, check the spark plugs. These are the smallest devices but act as the lucky charm for cars. Once changed, these can save many other costs because the whole system initiates from spark plug.

4.      Engine oil change – This is one of the simplest car maintenance services you can do to keep your vehicle in good running condition. Not maintaining it could void your warranty and even cause an engine failure, which can shell more dollars out of pocket. Keeping your cooling system in working order is also important. So, this is also a good time to have a system flush. Getting the pump, hoses, fluids and belts checked is also part of proper cooling-system maintenance.

5.      Optimum air pressure – It is important to regularly get the tires aired at the station as it leads to increase in efficiency and better functioning of shockers. The optimum tire pressures uses less fuel to drive and skids less on applying brakes. Do check the tire pressure every 15 days when running daily or 30 days when using your car occasionally. Hence, this is one of the most important areas which should be carefully checked in the brand new car.

Every new car is a dream for the buyer while keeping it maintenance free with smooth running is a choice. One can spend money to buy but can’t make efforts to keep it in good condition. However, the above simple tips can help you run your car at the maximum efficiency and save a good money to enjoy later.