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Used Car or a New Car?

By on Nov 19, 2015 in Videos |

The dispute between purchase of new cars and old cars has been going on since a long time. Both have distinct advantages over each other. In terms of just price, the used car delivers better value for money in comparison to the new vehicle. But then the new car is always more reliable and doesn’t break down regularly. There is also no question of getting the...

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How to make money buying Junk Cars

By on Oct 29, 2015 in Videos |

The age old debate of buying a brand new car and a used/ second –hand is still on discussion. When we plan to buy a new car we often compare various cars while buying a new one, do a research on them and often compromise on the cost and buy a low budget car.  We have even seen many people think spending days, how can they save more money for buying a dream car...

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How to make money buying and selling junk cars with no title

By on Sep 22, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

Buying and selling junk cars is a nice way to earn one’s livelihood, and an effective way as well. The basic principle of indulging in this profession is to learn the art of identifying proper scrap metal, thereby understanding which junk car will be more suitable and most profitable. Several experts are of the opinion that only someone with an eye for antiques can...

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Improving Engine Performance

By on Sep 1, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

Other than space constrains and style up-gradation when you decide to get rid of your old car make sure you’ve checked it all pretty thoroughly. When the only plan you have is to put it in the dump and selling it is nowhere a comforting option owing to performance issues: make a few inquiries, know the components of your car and basic configuration to understand if...

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Save the Cars from Scrap Junk Running Car For sale $950 Fun Walkaround

By on Jul 22, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

This video has been made with the objective of trying to prevent some old cars from landing up in the junkyard. First the exteriors of an old Mercedes is shown, whereby small lamps at the head of the car are broken. After this, the rear interiors are shown with black upholstery, and the narrator praises this part of the vehicle, stating that the interiors are in...

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